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Elektrokid Mixing Mastering


Elektrokid’s passion for music is spearheaded by his mastering and mixing skills for several big name acts on the international scene, from EDM to POP. His colossal drive has seen him perform as DJ in trendy clubs and music events in collaboration with other heavyweights in the DJ scene.

His studio is among the best in Europe. We have many years of experience and we have worked with big names.

He provides you with a mastering studio perfectly suited to your work.

Studio Services

  • Mix / Mastering / Stem Mastering.
  • Pro Tools & Ableton Compatible.
  • Production on request.
  • Remastering.

Elektrokid Works With

He has worked with several household names and produced several hits.

His studio engineer supports your project from choosing the equitable recording equipment to mixing concluding tracks.

ELEKTROKID sound engineering manage the full recording process. 

The mastering engineer is in charge of the final edit of the outcome and preparation of production editions.

Elektrokid Partners